Avalon Fleet Charter

We in Avalon Fleet want it to be a safe and welcoming place for all to sim. Our system is relatively simple and is outlined below.

  1. Avalon Fleet is headed by Fleet Captain Zoya Burke, who has final authority in all fleet matters at all times.
  2. Avalon fleet leadership consists of a Fleet Council, comprised of all sim COs. The Fleet Council discusses, debates and votes on fleet measures. Each CO has one vote.
  3. The Command Council consists of the Fleet Captain and two elected COs. The elected positions are voted on by the Fleet Council. The elected positions are a 4 month term.
  4. The Command Council has sole discretion regarding Fleet-wide membership bans, incorporation of new sims and removing existing sims.
  5. Only established sims will be considered for membership. Established sim is defined as a sim with a membership consisting of 5 or more writers posting consistently for 12 months prior to application.
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